Based on a critical perspective on the origins and functions of music, the refocusing of the debate on the interaction between musical products and social actors has been explored by sociology. In this article, we highlight the position of Antoine Hennion, who argues that the act of musical interpretation and the meaning of music are inseparable from the consumption of texts by the public; It is then about giving interpretative emphasis to a process that is also subjective, where audiences emerge as reflexive and creative agents. This line of approach defended by Hennion will be sustained in an interview that the author himself granted the last year of 2015 during his visit to Portugal, in activities with the University of Porto. We resume this interview as a starting point for this text that seeks to present a synthesis of the author’s contributions to the understanding of the importance of amateurs and mediation in the musical process.


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Título: Antoine Hennion: music, mediation and amateurs

Author: Paula GUERRA

Year: dezembro 2019

GUERRA, Paula; BRANDÃO, Marcílio Dantas; Sarrouy, Alix Didier (2019) – Antoine Hennion: música, mediação e amadores. Estudos de Sociologia, Recife. v. 2, n. 25 (2019): Dossiê Formas e Substâncias do Público. pp. 29-49. ISSN: 2317-5427. URL: