Embodied DIY: Feminist and Queer Zines in a Transglobal World

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Guest Editors: Paula Guerra and Laura López

This special issue of ZINES proposes to gather works of several researchers and zine-makers that analyse and produce zines that focus on gender and sexual dissidence around the world. In the last decades, we have witnessed the increase of the number of zines with the representation of the feminist and queer issues in a range of different countries, just like studies that have been aware of that (Harris, 2004; Kearney, 2006; Licona, 2012; Piepmeier, 2009; Poletti, 2008). Focus on these zines and publications in a special issue of this journal, will give us a better understanding of this phenomenon and the different state of the art among the five continents. We want to pay special attention to emerging scenes and populations oppressed by the colonial, patriarchal, and capitalist system. The importance of looking at not hegemonic spaces and bodies bring to the zines their original spirit as holders of counter- narratives.

URL: http://strandflat.fr/embodied-diy-feminist-and-queer-zines-in-a-transglobal-world/