MACKINTÓXICO: From the Edge to the Galaxy

Artist: Tó Trips Opening the Exhibition with a Q&A Session
July 6th-31st July
Mercado Municipal de Matosinhos – Matosinhos
Price: free.


Description: This exhibition includes a sample of the portfolio of Mackintóxico, the graphic alter-ego of Tó Trips from Dead Combo, who is also a designer and illustrator. Comprising two sections, we can find a selection of posters made for the programme of the last few years of Galeria Zé dos Bois, in Lisbon. The set of serigraphies for Dead Combo make up the other side of the exhibition.

Tó Trips was born in Lisbon in 1966, graduated from Escola António Arroio in the 1980s. Nowadays he is a designer (signs as Mackintóxico) and musician, Dead Combo guitar player, lover of travelling and rock’n’roll! He founded Mackintóxico developing work related to the record industry (record covers, posters, etc). Over the years he has created posters for concerts at ZDB, posters for cinema, theatre and for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Centro Cultural de Belém. Creating posters for underground bands and others, he was invited to participate in one of the ‘Voyager’ projects of the EXD biennale. He also participated in two exhibitions and respective catalogues of Portuguese illustration organised by the Bedeteca of Lisbon. Alongside the graphic design of films for director Edgar Pêra, he has done soundtracks for films and theatre plays, with a career in music that leads to Dead Combo.


July 6th-31st July
Mercado Municipal de Matosinhos.- Matosinhos