‘White Privilege’
By Jubilee Street

Domination Room [Bar dos Professores], Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University
of Porto, Porto

Price: Free

Description: This exhibition is about privilege. The one that kept killing for
centuries. The one that’s responsible for tearing societies apart. The one that
inhales hate and exhales blood. The privilege that me and you have, and all our
ancestors had. How are we perceiving the world in front of our black screens?

Everyday, we watch the privilege taking people down. People who just want to
live. The rights to live, to love, to be safe, to build a future for their children. The
right to be Human and to be whatever they want to be. And to fight privilege is
to fight extremism, violence, division, even if it’s not directly related to ourselves.
As a white man, I’m also privileged for many reasons. And you probably are,
somehow. We are all responsible for choosing the right or the wrong side of
history. This exhibition will hopefully be cathartic in a way to understand what
we need to deal with around us.


Marcelo Baptista is a designer and photographer. In addition to his work as UX/
UI designer at Mindera, he is also a freelancer in cultural areas, with a main focus
on music. He has worked, between regular and sporadic, with Orquestra Sem
Fronteiras, Canal180, University of Aveiro (UA), among others. He has a Master in
Design and graduated from UA, since 2017 – where he would become a worker
between 2019-2020 in the area of communication design and audiovisual
production. As a photographer, he is self-taught since 2014 and signs as jubilee
street. In this area, he explores his sensorial, editorial and digital skills to create
new approaches in photography, mainly related to music. He collaborates with
Helena Caspurro’s Paluí project as a designer and documentary photographer.
He has in his curriculum, a documentary where he collaborated – Paluí, está
aqui? Histórias Sonoras para Cantos Interiores [Paluí, are you here? Sound Stories
for Inside Corners] and one in shooting with João Duarte and Canal180. Both
are related to culture and society.

Website https://downonjubileestreet.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/downonjubileestreet
Instagram @downonjubileestreet