KISMIF Community wishes to express its full support, empathy and solidarity to the people, institutions and members of Ukraine. Respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty must be restored.

The war must stop now! We believe that war should never be a way. On the contrary, it expands and perpetuates them. We have watched in disbelief as one of the greatest humanitarian crises of the 21st century has unfolded. Disbelieving, because we strongly believed that the fact that war is not a solution was a lesson learnt from a very recent past. But we were wrong. Now we can only show our support and solidarity to all those who have to leave their homes, family and friends.

KISMIF Community believes in peace and respect for human rights, both core values of the European project. We believe in diplomacy as a path to peace and harmonious coexistence between peoples. We also believe that culture, in general, and DO-IT-YOURSELF CULTURES, in particular, can be an important form of resistance and resilience, but also of hope.

We call, then, for all of us to stand united and to fight, even if symbolically, to restore peace in Ukraine. Ukraine, you are not alone!