Instructions for proposal submissions

The KISMIF Conference 2024 welcomes the submission of proposals for paper presentations and artistic performance-based presentations.

 Specific Instructions for paper proposal submissions:

  • Paper proposal abstracts should be approximately 250 words in length.
  • The information requested with abstract submissions includes:

(1) The name(s) of the author(s), their area of expertise (sociology, economy, etc.), their institutional affiliation (department, university, country), and e-mail(s).

(2) Title of the proposed presentation.

(3) Abstract with approximately 250 words.

(4) Keywords – between 3-5.


Specific Instructions for artistic performance-based proposal submissions:

  • In relation to the main thematic focus of the Conference – DIY Cultures, Democracy and Creative Participation – the Conference will also allocate time for creative participatory sharing, improvisation and exchanges around holistic DIY culture practices.
  • In this context, the KISMIF 2024 Conference invites all conference speakers and all visitors with a creative background (whether amateur, semi-professional or professional) to either perform/coordinate or participate in one of the daytime creative performances during the conference.
  • We ask potential participants to submit a proposal for a artistic performance-based. The performances can relate to any artistic field (music, dance, poetry, cinema, etc.). They should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • The information requested with proposal submissions includes:

(1) The name(s) of the performer(s), their area of expertise (sociology, economy, etc.) their institutional affiliation (department, university, country), and email(s).

(2) Title of the proposed performance.

(3) Type of performance (music, dance, etc.).

(4) A short description of the proposed performance with a maximum of 250 words and 3-5 keywords.

(5) Duration of the proposed performance.

(6) Description of the necessary equipment (please note that we are based in a Faculty of Arts and Humanities and as such our access to advanced equipment/technology is in some cases limited. So, remember to Keep it Simple, Make it Fast!).