The KISMIF Conference 2022 welcomes the submission of proposals for paper presentations and performance-based presentations.

All proposals must be written in English and submitted no later than 31 March 2022, to the KISMIF Conference website: .

Each author cannot submit more than one proposal as first author.

Specific Instructions for paper proposal submissions:

  • Paper proposal abstracts should be approximately 250 words in length.
  • The information requested with abstract submissions includes:
    • (1) The name(s) of the author(s), their area of expertise (sociology, economy, etc.), their institutional affiliation (department, university, country), and e-mail(s);
    • (2) Title of the proposed presentation;
    • (3) Abstract with approximately 250 words;
    • (4) Keywords – between 3-5.

Specific Instructions for artistic performance-based proposal submissions:

  • In relation to the Conference’s main thematic focus — DIY Cultures, Sustainability and Artistic Ecosystems — the Conference will also allow time for participative creative sharing, around the practice of DIY music, improvisation and exchange.
  • In this context, the KISMIF Conference 2022 invites all conference presenters and all visitors with a creative background (whether amateur, semi-professional or professional), to either host/coordinate or to participate in one of the daytime creative performances during the conference.
  • We ask potential participants to submit a proposal for creative performance. The performances can be related to any artistic fields (music, dance, poetry, etc.). They should not exceed 20 minutes.
  • The information requested with proposal submissions includes:
    • (1) The name(s) of the performer(s), their area of expertise (sociology, economy, etc.), their institutional affiliation (department, university, country), and email(s);
    • (2) Title of the proposed performance;
    • (3) Type of performance (music, dance, etc.);
    • (4) A short description of the proposed performance with a maximum of 250 words and 3-5 keywords;
    • (5) Duration of the proposed performance;
    • (6) Description of the necessary equipment (please note that we are based in a University; we do not have access to a lot of very advanced equipment/technology. So remember to Keep it Simple, Make it Fast!.