The Conference Convenors welcome abstracts pertaining to the following topics, taking into account the KISMIF 2021 theme – DIY Cultures and Global Challenges:

  • The role/importance of social spaces/places/territories in underground music scenes and DIY cultures at the local, trans-local and virtual level.
  • Gender, migrations, diasporas, refugees and artistic and musical movements.
  • Cities, space and contemporary countercultural resistance, social and artistic practices.
  • Music scenes, new actors, new equalities: gender, immigrants and the unemployed.
  • New artistic and musical productions and intermediations that support spatial justice and environmental stability.
  • Transitions towards sustainability in the DIY scenes and new DIY sustainable (sub)cultures that re-think the traditional processes through the–social, economic and environmental–sustainability lenses.
  • Green’ movements aiming to improve local community life, fight environmental challenges and promote sustainable development, and their relationships with music/artistic scenes.
  • The role of societal challenges, trans-local and virtual mechanisms of production, intermediation and musical consumption.
  • Developments in social theory around the counter-hegemonic art worlds, musical fields, artistic fields, local/trans-local/virtual music scenes.
  • Humanitarian movements, instabilities and disasters, memory, historicity, genealogy and diachrony of music/artistic scenes.
  • Subcultures, post-subcultures, tribes, neo-tribes and aging.
  • Heritage, retromania and local/trans-local/virtual DIY archives and community development.
  • Theoretical and methodological challenges/dilemmas in the research of artistic differences all over the world.
  • Urban micro-economies, DIY careers and inequalities: alternative forms of musical, artistic and cultural entrepreneurship.
  • Pedagogies and interventions based on artistic/musical DIY and socioethnic justice.
  • Music scenes and (sub)cultures, ageing, ethnicity and development.
  • City, aesthetics and gentrification: resisting gentrification.
  • Crisis, protest songs and new dynamics of social inclusion through music and underground artistic practices and DIY.
  • Spaces, places and the festivalization of culture, music, underground and DIY practices.
  • Peripheral music and artistic scenes, empowerment and social justice.
  • Post-colonialism, decolonisation, transglobal artistic and musical scenes and citizenship.
  • Arts-based research, cultural policies: global North and global South.


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All the abstracts already submitted for KISMIF 2020, will be counted as a submission for next year’s Conference


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