‘Rebel with a Cause’

12 July 2022

Porto, Portugal


The KISMIF Conference 2022 will be preceded by a Summer School entitled ‘Rebel with a Cause’ on July 12, 2022 at Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli [Rivoli – Municipal Theater]. This Summer School will offer the opportunity for all interested parties, including Conference participants, to attend workshops given by experts in their fields. Our KISMIF Summer School entitled ‘Rebel with a Cause’, invites students to join us for an exciting and innovative one-day Summer School programme.

The aim of the single day programme will be to foster discussion about DIY cultures, (new) social movements and artivisms, as well as to encourage a new generation of researchers, artists and activists to think about the future of music-artistic-cultures ecosystems using the arts-based-research paradigm and methodology.

More information about the Summer School will be progressively circulated on the official website of the KISMIF Conference:

The official language of the Summer School will be English.