‘The charm of Porto is obvious. In some way, it is an eccentric city. Porto has a unique character: an established city, with well-known architects, with a recognized culture. Thus, it will not be just a single building that will put the city on the map, the city itself is already on the map. Rem Koolhaas, Architect of Casa da Música.


According to ABTA Travel Trends Report (2014), British tourists have always loved Portugal and in 2013 the number of visitors increased by more than 8%. With the appearance of new direct flights in 2014 to the cities of Lisbon and Porto, tourists have been visiting these two historic cities more often.

‘How good is Porto?’ The answer is on this site: oportocool.wordpress.com.

For years, the slogan of Porto was: ‘If you have already tried wine, now try the city!’

Nowadays, it is the second largest city in Portugal. Porto is a city with a prominent architecture, with Baroque churches, and wonderful corners. It no longer needs just the reputation of famous Port wine to be known.

Porto has a relatively recent nightlife spot in the historic area, full of music and effervescent creativity that joins Casa da Música, a stunning concert space designed by the avant-garde architect Rem Koolhaas.

And for wine lovers:within the emergence of the demarcated Douro region as an area of award-winning wines, besides Porto Wine, the city counts now with numerous vintages, new and exquisite restaurants and even wine-themed hotels.’ (Seth Sherwood, NY Times, 2011).

‘It is difficult to find something in Porto that you don’t like. From its stunning Beaux-Arts station, to its cool bars that serve the drink that is Porto’s invitation-letter, this charming city combines the best of the old and the new. ‘(Nell McShane Wulfhart, NY Times).

The name of Portugal was born in Porto.

Despite being a relatively small city – 41.42 km ², with a population of 237,591 inhabitants (2011) – Porto has a rich and diverse range of entertainment and cultural offer that is worth of visiting. To arouse your curiosity, the KISMIF Conference offers you some suggestions for starting your exploration.

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