Eating & Snacking

‘Porto is a place where many wonders and all the anxieties start.’ Sophia de Mello Breyner


The KISMIF Conference will take place in Boavista and Porto’s downtown area, between Casa da Música, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, Teatro Municipal do Porto Rivoli and also Casa Comum da Reitoria da U.Porto. 

In Boavista, you will be able to find a diverse offer of restaurants.  Here are located some of the most iconic breweries, for example Capa Negra IIGaliza or Convívio, where you can try the typical francesinhas’, amongst many others delicious dishes.

For a lighter, quicker and cheaper meal, try these restaurants that are located in Boavista’s area: The market Bom Sucesso , and the Cidade do Porto Shopping Centre. In Casa da Música you will be able to find meals in the Café Casa da Música,  with a privileged view to the skaters that occupy permanently the space around the building, or if you’d prefer a more sophisticated meal try the restaurant located in the upper floor of Casa da Música, because the view is breathtaking.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, there are also some great restaurants for you:  Em Carne Viva,  near Casa da Música,  Época, in Cedofeita and Berry Boavista, in Santa Catarina street, downtown, we have Árvore do Mundo and near Estação São Bento it’s worth knowing daTerra.

Right in the center of Porto, we advise Black Mamba, a space that combines vegan hamburgers with rock, punk, hardcore and metal discs. Besides that, if you want to have a different experience in the city, visit Adega Leonor or Espaço 77. In the Teatro Municipal Rivoli, you can have light and simple meals at Café Rivoli, situated on the 3rd floor. For tapas and snacks, we recommend Copos&Cusquices and Cafetaria Viriato.


If you are just looking for a place to enjoy a beautiful sunny afternoon,  My Coffee is the ideal space since it has a wonderful view and allows you to enjoy an experience next to the river. In Matosinhos, we have  Camélia Brunch Garden, a relaxing space, where brunch is a specialty , as well as the refined and cozy CISMA .  In Boavista, near the Casa da Música Metro station, you also have Casinha Boutique Café.

On the other hand, if you want to get away from this area of the city, you will find a wide offer in other places in Porto. Next to the sea, in Foz, and also in the city of Matosinhos, you can find many restaurants specialized in fish dishes like the Meia Nau.

In the Historical Center of Porto, there’s also a very rich selection of restaurants for all tastes and prices. For more details, consult the website of Porto Tourism Services.