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DOCUMENTARY | “The Parkinsons: a long way to nowhere” (18 July 2016)

Price: 10€ | Free by ticket presentation to the gig of The Parkinsons.GIG & DOC_ The Parkinsons (Victor Torpedo)


Discussion: CAROLINE RICHARDS, Film Director, Music Lover, United Kingdom | CHRIS LOW, Musician, Photographer, DJ, Music Lover, United Kingdom | VICTOR TORPEDO, Musician, Visual Artist, DJ, Music Lover, Portugal


As a celebration of the band’s 15-year career, on 14th December 2015, the documentary ‘The Parkinsons: A Long Way to Nowhere’ premiered in London, at the legendary Prince Charles Cinema. The documentary was compiled from hundreds of hours of archive footage and interviews, containing exclusive pictures that portray the core of their musical revolution, which still arouses curiosity. This is the best possible documentary for one of the most remarkable bands of Coimbra and of Portugal. The irreverence of The Parkinsons along the years is faithfully portrayed, in what promises to be a cult film for not only all the punk and rock lovers, but also for all those fans who have followed Coimbra’s unique music scene. The band’s success was so notorious in the UK, that at some point, they were compared to the Sex Pistols by The Guardian newspaper. They were also praised by David Pollock (Glasgow Metro) in his article called “You must see The Parkinsons before you die!”. The documentary viewing will be followed by a conversation between the audience, the band members and the film director.

Auditório IAC [Auditorium IAC], Teatro Rivoli, Porto | Curated by Esgar Acelerado and Paula Guerra


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