KISMIF Conference

BOOK LAUNCH | “From Coimbra to London: to live the punk dream and meet my tribe” (18 July 2016)

Presentation: Paula Guerra and Pedro Quintela | Price: Free | Port Wine Welcome Drink

Book Launch_ FROM COIMBRA TO LONDONPresentation of Paula Guerra and Pedro Quintela last article, entitled: “From Coimbra to London: To live the punk dream and meet my tribe”. In a day of celebration of punk and The Parkinsons, this work intends to discuss the importance of these dynamics, namely for the constitution and maintenance of Coimbra’s music scene, found by the emblematic Tédio Boys who, in the 1990’s, took the Coimbra punk abroad, having had the United States as their place of destination; a mobility that has perpetuated to the present day, particularly in the first decade of this century, through such bands as The Parkinsons.



Café-Concerto, Teatro Rivoli, Porto | Curated by Paula Guerra and Tânia Moreira


KISMIF Conference 2016 - Aftermovie (17-22 July 2016)