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DJ SET | “Porto Calling Don Letts” (19 July 2016)

DJ Set: Don Letts. | Price: 5 euros.


DJ Set Don Letts (Ricardo Salazar)Don Letts days as a DJ started accidentally when he was asked to play at The Roxy Club (the UK’s first live punk rock venue) back in 1977. This was so early in the scene there were no UK punk records to play as none had been made yet. So in between the fast and furious live punk sets Don played what he liked – some serious reggae. Lucky for him the punks liked it to and this mix gave rise to the ‘punky-reggae party’. When the Roxy closed Don was the go to man when it came to nice-ing up the place with some heavyweight bass. He was the original Clash DJ for many of their live gigs up and down the country. Entering the eighties Don deserted the decks to pursue his film career. However, following the release of his 2001 compilation ‘Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown’ (tunes he played during his Roxy days) he was persuaded to return to the decks. From that time till this he’s continued to DJ nationally and internationally with a set that’ very much in the spirit of his days at The Roxy – we’re talking the history and legacy of Jamaican music – with an emphasis on moving the crowd.
19 July 2016, 01h00 | RADIO Bar, Porto | Curated by Ricardo Salazar




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