KISMIF Conference

EXHIBITION |”DIY DIY My Darling! Zines & Records” (19-23 July 2016)

Artists: Esgar Acelerado, Chaputa Records and others | Price: Free

Presentation: Esgar Acelerado, Gabriela Gelain & Ricardo Salazar


DIY My Darling (Esgar Acelerado)Since the 1970’s uncommon cultural products have been produced in Portugal, many of them without official records to prove them. From comic books and graphic novels to music, from poetry to politics, there are several artists, writers and editors that, unwilling to follow the rules of official labels. Since then they have been taking the matter into their hands and working towards producing and distributing publications (many times free) that don’t fit in the bookshelves, music that is extremely loud in oldfashioned media (vinyl, K7…) and images printed with forgotten techniques, etc… Also, content-wise, there is total liberty.


19-23 July 2016 | Rádio Bar, Porto | Curated by Esgar Acelerado


KISMIF Conference 2016 - Aftermovie (17-22 July 2016)