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EXHIBITION | ‘O princípio do fim [The beginning of the end]’ (17 July – 7 August 2016)

Artist: Miguel Januário. | Price: Free.


‘The Beginning of the end’ hits us with a staggering reflection: a composition seated in a time and place, guiding the visitor into a contemporary – free, equal and fraternal – world of convulsions. It provides not a dystopian vision, but a real, crude, critical analysis to the brutalizing and failing democratic and humanitarian system which purportedly supports us – a stage which confronts us with the assymetries, the abuses and the hypocrisy in a rational and emotional way. Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? You will probably find the answers to these questions inside. And probably not. But surely you will reflect on them – and that reflection will be the beginning. Of the end.
O principio do fim (Miguel Januário)_ low res
‘±MAISMENOS±’ surfaces in 2005 as a personal project developed in an academic research context. It quickly became a reference of creative intervention in Portuguese urban circles, due to its viral mechanics as well as the various media it wove itself into. Initially, ± presented itself as a brand against brands, its utopian mission being the antidote to advertising: ± may be found as illegal marks over a wide variety of urban environments, just as it may surface as an art installation. ± is the visual representation of the collapse of the economic systems (+ – = 0), clearly conveying a standpoint in regards to it – while also acting as a blank canvas, a particularly open-ended icon where the citizen may be able to project anything they wish, fear or suspect. Activist artist assumed, Miguel Januário was born in 1981. Graduated in Communication Design (FBAUP), he has been highlighted in the area of graffiti and street art. ± (Mais Menos/Plus Minus) is his most visible side and is through this identity that he claims and interferes in the urban landscape.


>> Opening Exhibition: 17 July 2016, 15h00-15h30
>> Presentation: PAULA GUERRA, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Institute of Sociology, University of Porto, Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research, KISMIF Project Coordinator, Portugal • MIGUEL JANUÁRIO, Artist, Designer, ±maismenos±, University of Porto, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Aveiro, Portugal • GUILHERME BLANC, Department of Culture, Porto Municipal Council, Portugal • MÓNICA GUERREIRO, Municipal Direction of Culture and Science, Porto Municipal Council, Portugal


17 July – 7 August 2016 | Palacete Viscondes Balsemão, Porto | Curated by Miguel Januário




KISMIF Conference 2016 - Aftermovie (17-22 July 2016)