KISMIF Conference

GIG | The Jack Shits + Dj Set Chaputa Records (20 July 2016)

Price: 5 euros [tickets on sale at Teatro Rivoli and online].


GIG_ Jack Shits + Doc Crass (Ana Raposo)_ low resPassion and sweat are hopelessly linked to The Jack Shits. We could claim they are a sure thing within Portuguese Rock (worthy of that name), but we would diminish the real worth that these boys deserve. It is said that with divine justice, some deserve heaven, others deserve hell; as for the The Jack Shits, they simply deserve the earth they step on. It is hard for us, paltry half-dead humans to keep up with them. Barreiro is about 173 km from Marinha Grande, a considerable distance to cover considering the standard rehearsal and recording life that any band undertakes. But for The Jack Shits, it is an extra challenge in their career of endurance and DIY. The Jack Shits are a garage rock band that unites Jack Legs (Diogo Augusto), Jack Straw (Samuel Silva) – which play(ed) in bands such as Sonic Reverends or Los Saguaros – and Jack Suave (Nick Nicotine) – band member, for instance, of Nicotine’s Orchestra, The Act-Ups and Bro-X.


20 July 2016, 23h30 | Sub-palco [Under Stage], Teatro Rivoli | Curated by Esgar Acelerado and Paula Guerra


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