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GIG | The Twist Connection + Slice of Life (19 July 2016)

Price: 5 euros [tickets on sale at Teatro Rivoli and online].



GIG_ Slice of Life (Ana Raposo)The Twist Connection: Some people have the need to introduce themselves along with an extensive curriculum, in order to prove their current worth by showing their past work. As far as The Twist Connection are concerned, it wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish it: for those who enjoy good music, I’m sure you’ve heard any of the three musicians sometime in your life. Due to their music style, The Twist Connection could either exist in 2016 or 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago. Rock ‘n’ roll, groove, hip shakes and ‘enfant terrible’ lip expressions are all part of the trio’s performance. The Twist Connection come from different musical backgrounds and find themselves in the path that Elvis forged… The Twist Connection are a band of 2016, a present day band. Three Portuguese boys from Coimbra decided that they could play rock’n’roll together. They have a stand-up drummer as the lead singer, a bass player and a guitar player. They are Samuel Silva – guitar (The Jack Shits, Los Saguaros, Sonic Reverends); Tiago Coelho – bass (Speeding Bullets); and Carlos Mendes – vocals & drums (Tédio Boys, Wraygunn, Bunnyranch, Parkinsons). Their musical kaleidoscope incorporates blues, rockabilly, soul, 60’s garage, pop, psych, punk, post-punk and new wave music. They are into rock’n’roll.


Slice of Life: Steve Ignorant is now performing with his new band Slice Of Life. A far cry from the aggression of Crass, nevertheless compelling with powerful songs delivered in an acoustic style: ‘Impossible to categorise, Slice Of Life’s music is up-front and soulbaringly personal. It’s a mixture of songs and spoken word that draws you in and stays with you long after the final note has been played’. Debut album Love And A Lamp-post was released on Overground Records in late 2014, surprising many with its honesty and change of style for Steve Ignorant. A new bassist followed in early 2015. Numerous concerts have been held, one after another. The KISMIF Conference is therefore honoured to present, for the first time in Portugal, the latest project by Steve Ignorant from Crass: Slice of Life.


19 July 2016, 23h30 | Sub-palco [Under Stage], Teatro Rivoli, Porto | Curated by Esgar Acelerado and Paula Guerra


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