KISMIF Conference

GIG | Victor Torpedo Karaoke + Wipeout Beat (15 July 2016)

Price: 5 euros [tickets on sale at Salão Brazil].

Victor Torpedo (Tédio Boys, The Parkinsons, Blood Safari, Tijuana Bibles) is one of the most charismatic and talented Portuguese musicians. And you can replace the word musician by the word artist as it is not only in the music field where Victor shows his gift. It is as an artist that we will find him on stage in this solo project inspired by all the urbanity of the world (from rock’n’roll to reggae). Performing alone on stage he is an entertainer.

Warm Up_ 15 July 2016WIPEOUT BEAT – Carlos Dias, Pedro Calhau e Miguel Padilha met in pottery classes, the result was unexpected. They created an amphora and two ashtrays, the sufficient to feel that teamwork results. So, creating a band was the natural step. In this age of speed, they decided to play with Casios and an old Antonelli. It has gone well.


15 July 2016 | Salão Brazil, Coimbra


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