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Gina Arnold

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Gina Arnold is an American author, music critic, and academic. Adjunct Professor at Department of Rhetoric and Languages and Department of Media Studies of the University of San Francisco. She holds a PhD in Modern Thought and Literature from Stanford University (2011, with the dissertation entitled Rock Crowds and Power: Race, Space and Ideology at American Rock Festivals) and a BA in Mass Communications from University of California. Arnold contributed with articles, essays and columns on music, popular culture and politics to publications including Rolling Stone, Spin, New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Village Voice, San Francisco Chronicle, the Independent (UK), Salon, VH1online, LA Times, San Diego Reader, San Jose Metro, East Bay Express, San Francisco, San Francisco Examiner, Scotsman (UK), Los Angeles Times and other publications. Written in the first person, her work was frequently controversial. Gina Arnold is an unavoidable figure in popular music and music press. Partly for being a woman in a very masculine world, but also for having made an ethnographical work – on the road – with band Nirvana. She is the author of several books, including the book Route 666: on the road to Nirvana (St. Martin’s, 1993), Punk in the Present Tense (St. Martin’s, 1997) and the 33⅓ book on Liz Phair, Exile in Guyville (Bloomsbury, 2014), which the New York Times described as “charming and brave and unexpectedly moving”.


Research interests
Media studies, cultural studies, journalism, contemporary literature, film and digital culture, creative non-fiction, music, popular culture, critical race theory.


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ARNOLD, Gina (2015) –  There’s a spectre haunting hip hop: Tupac Shakur, holograms in concert and the future of live performance. In STRONG, Catherine; LEBRUN, Barbara (eds.) – Death and the Rock Star. Ashgate. ISBN 978-1-4724-3091-5.
ARNOLD, Gina (2014) – Nobody’s Army: Contradictory cultural Rhetoric in Woodstock and Gimme Shelter. In Whiteley, Sheila; Sklower, Jedediah (eds.) – Countercultures and Popular Music. Ashgate. ISBN 9781472421067.
ARNOLD, Gina (2014) – Exile in Guyville. Continuum/Bloomsbury Press. ISBN 9781441162571
ARNOLD, Gina (1997) – Kiss this: punk in the present tense. St. Martin’s Press. ISBN 9780312155216
ARNOLD, Gina (1993) – Route 666: on the road to Nirvana. St. Martin’s Press/Picador UK. ISBN 9780312093761


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