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KEYLECTURE | ‘Digital Culture, Videoclipes and “Peripheral” Music Scenes in Brazil’, by Simone Pereira de Sá

Simone Pereira de Sá_ edit

During the last years, the top positions of the most watched videoclipes at Youtube in Brazil have been occupied not by the worldly well-known genres such as bossa nova, MPB and samba; but by local genres, from different regions in the country, largely associated to the popular classes from peripheral and suburban areas, originating a new Popular and Peripheral Music Network that is not necessarily mediated by traditional music industries and remains apart from Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) aesthetic references and middle-class tastes.

Regarding this context, the purpose of this lecture is to discuss the circulation of Brazilian “popular and peripheral” genres across the landscape of musical platforms and online social networks, hence analyzing the effects of this appropriation towards the boundaries between them.

Based upon the premise that music scenes can be understood as associative, hybrid, and heterogeneous networks, formed by human and non-human actors according to the Actor-Network Theory (Latour; 1991; 1994; 2005), the lecture will explore both aesthetic and identitary aspects of this socio-technical network accordingly to three sets of related questions: 1) The uses of technologies and the forms of circulation concerning this genres across online social networks, pointing out the central role of videoclipes 2) The hybridizations between genres that used to be aimed at seemingly quite distintic audiences, such as, for exemple, funk and sertanejo 3) And the way how it negotiates with the notions of center/periphery and global/local, especially regarding the notion of aesthetic cosmopolitanism .

Our theoretical and methodological framework for the discussion are aspects of the Media, Mediations, and Materialities Theories (Actor-Network Theory, Materialities Theory, and Sound Studies) and Cultural Studies approaches to technological appropriations, videoclipes and popular music.

Keywords: Brazilian music scenes, videoclipes, aesthetic cosmopolitanism, social media, centre/periphery, global/local.


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KISMIF Conference 2016 - Aftermovie (17-22 July 2016)