KISMIF Conference

KISMIF, not only talking!

KISMIF Conference 2016 offers, in addition to the very complete lecture sessions, a set of parallel social and cultural character activities, with many exhibitions opening during the event week.

expos_cartaz16WEB1On the 17th, 15h00, the artist Miguel Januário opens the exhibition entitled “The beginning of the end”, at the Palace Viscondes Balsemão. Assumedly an activist artist, Miguel Januário is known in Porto (but not only) for his urban interventions, signed as ±MaisMenos± and he’s now presenting his work on public show until 7 August.

On the next day, 18th, Vera Marmelo exposes for the first time in Porto. (Re)Known for its fantastic photographic work, Vera has music as her main object of contemplation. Her exhibition “All we ever wanted was everything”, the best DIY style, opens at 19h00, at Tteatro Rivoli, where it remains until the 22nd.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities will also be space for various exhibitions: on the 19th, at 9h30 “The liturgy of delirium”, by Esgar Acelerado, at 10h30 “Mister Fields Keeps it (very) simple and makes it (really) fast…”, by Mister Fields and at 14h00 “Sorry we’re open!”, by the Collective ZineFestPT ‘Sorry We’re Open!’. On the 20th, at 16h00, it is time to open “The man who sold the world: a post grunge exhibition”, by Paula Guerra.

Going back to the 19th, at the Rádio Bar opens the exhibition “DIY DIY My Darling! Zines & Records”, collective by Esgar Acelerado, Chaputa Records and other artists. Opens at 15h00 and extends up to day 23.

In total there are 7 reasons to meet these artists and their work, largely dedicated to the DIY theme or music.


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KISMIF Conference 2016 - Aftermovie (17-22 July 2016)