KISMIF Conference

Music for those who speak about it

KISMIF Conference always chooses as central topic MUSIC. And where music is discussed, there must be … music! The programme for this third edition reserves several performances, whether live concerts or DJ set.

Gigs & Docs (Esgar Acelerado, low res)On Monday, the 18th, the legendary punk band The Parkinsons takes the stage of Teatro Rivoli for a concert promisesed to be memorable. The band originally from Coimbra is now based in London, where has been building a reputation as “the most dangerous live band in the world.” Shortly after the live show, Victor Torpedo and Chris Low, two of the members, will perform a DJ set.

Also from Coimbra The Twist Connection, a revelation in the groove and rock scene. They act on the 19th, along with Slice of Life, the new Steve Ignorant project, the charismatic co-founder of Crass. The show will stage again at Teatro Rivoli. At the same night, is also worth noting the DJ performance by  Don Letts, at Rádio Bar.

On the 20th we have an afternoon performance at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, with Fast Eddie Nelson and Harpin’Joe Jammer. Later, back at Rivoli, live concert with The Jack Shits and DJ set by Chaputa Records.

On the evening of the 21st, we will have a PARTY with performing by DJ Ricardo Salazar and Joana Tê, at Rádio Bar.

For the closure, on the 22nd, there’s a DJ set by Rüdiger Esch at Casa da Música, live act by Vaiapraia e as Rainhas do Baile and The Act-Ups, followed by a DJ set by Chaputa, all at Plano B.


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KISMIF Conference 2016 - Aftermovie (17-22 July 2016)