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EXHIBITION | “A liturgia do delírio [The liturgy of delirium]” (19-22 July 2016)

Artist: Esgar Acelerado | Price: Free

‘People with a Sweet Tooth’, on the magnificent work of Esgar Acelerado by Valter Hugo Mãe: “I always have the idea that the characters of Esgar Acelerado bring with them a look of gluttony for things, gluttony for life with their frequently bulging appearance, with a hard and intense expression. They are a very tender group of figures that mix the cartoon imaginary world with that of illustration, from the more pragmatic of the former genre to the more lyrical aspects of the latter. I always have a sense of fun to which is added ferment sensitivity which many times lead to a tone that is also dramatic, even melancholic and hence romantic”.


19-22 July 2016 | Room For One [Anfiteatro Nobre], Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, Porto | Curated by Esgar Acelerado


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