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PARTY This is Radio KISMIF (Ricardo Salazar)_ low resGIG ‘The Wilde Booze’ + DJ Set: Ricardo Salazar & Joana Tê

Price: To be announced


There are vynils on the walls, old radios on shelves, and a lot of people dancing. The radio has anchored in the Porto downtown area with highly danceable emissions. We would call it an indie super-bar if it did not run away from the indie brand. We would call it that because it is, after all, the fusion between two alternative music reference bars in Porto – Radio Bar (for a while Radio Sushi Bar), which broadcast for four years in Miragaia an unpredictable playlist, in a wavelength between rock, pop and electronica, but always “on the other side”, out of mainstream – closed since 2009; and Mercedes (as it is known, but offically named “O Meu Mercedes é Maior que o Teu”, My Mercedes is Bigger Than Yours) a nearly mythical place which for 15 years has led us
through the ways of the less commercial music, in a corner of the Ribeira close to the D.Luís I bridge. There is but one certainty: on the dancefloor, the music is ecletic, pop-rock, blues jazz and soul together.

RADIO Bar | Curated by Ricardo Salazar


KISMIF Conference 2016 - Aftermovie (17-22 July 2016)