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Simone Pereira de Sá

Simone Pereira de Sá has a PhD and Master in Communication and Culture  Studies and BA in Social Sciences at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro  (UFRJ/ Brazil). Currently, she is Professor at Media and Cultural Studies Department and the Post-Graduation Program in Communication at Federal Fluminense University (UFF/Brazil). She is also Director of LabCult/UFF – Laboratório de Pesquisas em Cultura e Tecnologias da Comunicação (Research Lab on Culture and Communication Technologies), and visiting researcher at McGill University, Montreal (2008); and King’s College, U.K (2015/2016), sponsored by CAPES scholarship. Her current research project Materialities, ties and performances of Brazilian musical scenes on digital platforms focuses on aesthetic and identity aspects of networks composed of mobile phones, YouTube and Brazilian popular music scenes, specially baile funk. Aspects of the Theory of Materialities, Actor-Network Theory, Sound Studies and Sociology of Music are the main references, in view of its implications for the review of theories and methodologies in the field of Sound and Music Studies.


Research interests
Pop culture in local and global contexts, Brazilian music, fandoms on social media, mediations and materialities of the music culture.


PEREIRA DE Sá, Simone; CARREIRO, Rodrigo; FERRARAZ, Rogério (ed.) (2015) – Cultura Pop [Pop Culture]. Salvador: EDUFBA/COMPÓS. ISBN 978-85-232-1353-4.
PEREIRA DE Sá, Simone (2014) – Apropriações low-tech no funk carioca: a Batalha do Passinho e a rede de música popular de periferia [Low-tech appropriations in funk carioca genre: Batalha do Passinho and the peripheric popular music network]. Revista Fronteiras. Vol. 16, n.º, p. 28-37.
PEREIRA DE SÁ, Simone (2014) – The Numa Numa Dance e Gangnam Style: videos musicais no Youtube em múltiplas mediações [The Numa Numa Dance and Gangnam Style: musical videos on youtube in multiple
mediation]. Galáxia. Vol. 28, p. 159-172.
PEREIRA DE SÁ, Simone; CUNHA, Simone Evangelista (2014) – Controvérsias do funk no YouTube: o caso do Passinho do Volante [Funk music controversies on YouTube: the case of “Passinho do Volante”]. Revista Eco-Pós. Vol. 17, n.º3,  p. 1-14.
PEREIRA DE SÁ, Simone (2014) – Contribuições Da Teoria Ator-Rede Para A Ecologia Midiática Da Música [Contributions Of Actor-Network Theory To The Media Ecology Of Music]. Contemporanea. Vol. 12, n.º3, p. 537-555.
PEREIRA DE SÁ, Simone; MIRANDA, Gabriela de Oliveira (2013) – Brazilian Popular Music Economy Aspects: the baile funk circuit. IASPM Journal (Journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular music). Vol. 3, n.º 1, p. 9-18.
JANOTTI JR, Jeder; PEREIRA DE SÁ, Simone (eds.) (2013) – Cenas Musicais [Music Scenes]. São Paulo: Anadarco.
PEREIRA DE SÁ, Simone (2002) – Baiana Internacional – As mediações culturais de Carmen Miranda [International Bahian – The cultural mediations of Carmen Miranda]. Rio de Janeiro: MIS/FAPERJ.


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