KISMIF Conference 2020

Don’t Break Down, A Film About Jawbreaker

‘Don’t Break Down, A Film About Jawbreaker’ by Tim Irwin and Keith Schieron


Auditório IAC, Teatro Rivoli


Duration: 77’

Film in English



In 2007, 11 years after one of the most influential American punk bands, Jawbreaker, called it quits, the three members (Blake Schwarzenbach, Chris Bauermeister, and Adam Pfahler) reconnect in a San Francisco recording studio to listen back to their albums and even perform together one last time. Don’t Break Down tells the story of this band, showing their members’ interpretations on their journey and addressing issues such as the inner band turmoil, health issues, and the aftermath of signing to a major label. The documentary features interviews with Billy Joe Armstrong, Steve Albini, Jessica Hopper, Graham Elliot, Chris Shifflet, Josh Caterer, and more.





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