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Thursday, July 5th, 2018


The second day of the KISMIF Conference opens with a lecture by MICHAEL MACDONALD of the Music Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications of MacEwan University, Canada, on the ethnofiction film and ethnomusicological research. Next is the conference by LUCY O’BRIEN, writer, music critic, radio and television personality and professor at the University for the Creative Arts of United Kingdom about the redefinitions of punk feminism of the 1970s.

At the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, where the second day of the KISMIF Conference will take place, the highlight is the inauguration of the exhibition ‘GENDER IS DEAD, PINK IS 4EVER’, in the library building, that presents the most relevant publications on genre, music and difference in the universe of DIY cultures acquired by the LIBRARY of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto. The inauguration of the exhibition – curated by Ana Carolina Avillez, Isabel Leite, João Leite, Laura Gil and Marlene Borges – will culminate with the launch of a catalog book authored by Paula Guerra and João Leite.

Also noteworthy for the plenary lecture by ANTHONY FUNG of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Beijing Normal, on economy, indie music and the emerging DIY culture in China, and the launch of the special issue of Cultural Sociology organized by ANDY BENNETT, other of the main faces of the KISMIF Conference, on ‘youth, music and DIY careers’.

The day ends with the Conference dinner and with a party and DJ set that promises to liven up the hosts: BE REASONABLE, DEMANDS THE IMPOSSIBLE. N’ O Cantinho da Teresinha – Centro Comercial de Cedofeita, a true ballroom, KISMIF Conference brings together JOHN ROBB (FEAT. JORDAN MOONEY), A BOY NAME SUE and RICARDO SALAZAR in an unlikely meeting… and certainly unforgettable.


KISMIF Conference 2016 - Aftermovie (17-22 July 2016)