KISMIF Conference 2020

Lo Que Hicimos Fue Secreto

Lo Que Hicimos Fue Secreto | What We Did Was Secret, de David Álvarez García


Presented by David Álvarez García

Auditório IAC, Teatro Rivoli

Free | +18

Duration: 95’

Film in sanish (subtitles in english)




“What We Did Was Secret” is a feature documentary narrated by its protagonists that tells the story of how the punk movement was introduced in Madrid from its beginnings until the mid 90s. After forty years of Franco’s dictatorship, Spain begins to open to the world. Madrid’s youth start their own cultural revolution by adding a ‘Spanish touch’ to London’s fashion. In the shadow of artists and protopunk bands such as Ramoncín or Alaska, other punk bands are banned from the scene. Some of them accelerate their music. Hardcore music emerges, while at the same time new social structures and political practices such as DIY appear.

The projection of this film within the KISMIF Conference is accompanied by the presence and comment from David Álvarez García in Porto.



David Álvarez García (Madrid, 1979) is a Filmmaker and Audiovisual Language professor at IE University. He has been making documentaries since 2003. His first project was “Panorama de actualidad”, a series on forgotten social conflicts around the world for Onda 6 TV. After that experience, he went to work as a scriptwriter on musical programs in the television channel of 40 Principales, the main musical radio station in Spain. Later, he worked on the popular TVE show “Spaniards around the World” In 2009 he made his first feature documentary “God save arena rock” about the difficulties of organizing a European tour by an underground band called Muletrain. It won a prize in the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. He has made several documentary short films about Spanish socio-political issues.


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