KISMIF Conference 2020

The Fantastic Factory

‘A Fantástica Fábrica [The Fantastic Factory]’ by Leonardo Felipe


A ‘Fantástica Fábrica’ [The Fantastic Factory] could be placed at an indeterminate point between genres: it’s either a memoir, ethnographic report, autofiction, and historical narrative. The book’s action takes place inside a bar that during the 1990s was the epicentre of the alternative scene of Porto Alegre, Brazil. From 1992 to 2000 Bar Garagem Hermética was as an urban heterotopia (or an temporary autonomous zone of extended duration). The venue gave shelter to many independent artistic enterprises, including comics, cinema and music. A subgenre of music was strongly associated with the place: rock gaucho, and several subcultures had participation in the scene, like punks, headbangers, clubbers and the hip hop crowd.


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