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The History of Rock (for Big Fans and Little Punks)

A História do Rock (para pais fanáticos e filhos com punkada) [The History of Rock (for Big Fans and Little Punks)] by Rita Nabais


‘The History of Rock (for Big Fans and Little Punks)’ is a children´s book packed with 100+ pages, 150+ illustrations and hundreds of fun facts and curiosities about 70 years of rock music. The book features the top artists and bands from every period of rock music history as well as from other genres and artistic movements that influenced rock music. From Rock ‘n’ Roll pioneers of the 1950s to the 21st century rockers, the book is divided into 35 chronological chapters. Hand-picked songs from hundreds of artists and bands are featured in the book, resulting in an extended playlist of over 1000 songs that pays tribute to the History of Rock in all of its glory. The playlist will be available on Spotify and other similar platforms as soon as the book is published. In addition to legendary rock musicians and bands, the book also features and describes the artistic movements that influenced rock or were influenced by it, such as Blues, Jazz, Soul or Hip-Hop, highlighting the bands responsible for the most creative and ground-breaking fusions.




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