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The material culture in youth (sub)cultures: from DIY to digital exchanges

‘A cultura material nas (sub)culturas juvenis: do DIY às trocas digitais [The material culture in youth (sub)cultures: from DIY to digital exchanges]’ by Cláudia Pereira and Joana Beleza

This collection is a result of reflections undertaken by the group of researchers JuX and the premise that there is, indeed, something that gives meaning to the life sectors of youths and organizes them, in the eyes of society, as belonging to particular groups or youth cultures. The book proposes that material culture is what perpetuates juvenile practices based on distinct cultural codes, generation after generation, even in the face of the global force that, at the same time, fragments and integrates. The book counts on the contributions of Paula Guerra, Mônica Machado, Ruth Adams, Cláudia Pereira and Joana Beleza, Ross Haenfler, and Daniel Miller.


KISMIF Conference 2016 - Aftermovie (17-22 July 2016)