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Gender, differences, identities and DIY cultures in Porto with Raincoats, Helen Reddington, Jonh Robb and Jordan Mooney

The fourth edition of the KISMIF Conference, this year dedicated to the theme ‘GENDER, DIFFERENCES, IDENTITIES AND DIY CULTURES’, will take place once again in the city of Porto, between 4th to 7th July 2018. Participants in this conference are researchers from all over the world, from areas such as sociology, anthropology, history, cultural economics, geography, urban planning, cultural studies, media and communication, as well as related areas such as design, illustration, popular music, cinema and the visual and performing arts. This year’s edition follows the great success of the first three editions (2014, 2015 and 2016) and promises to stir once again the city of Porto, bringing together the international community of scholars and other experts interested in discussing underground music scenes and do-it-yourself cultures. In this issue, KISMIF focuses on issues related to gender, underground scenes and DIY cultures and their manifestations at local, translocal and virtual level. In 2018 the stimulating scientific program of the KISMIF Conference will once again be accompanied by a diverse social and cultural program that integrates a set of artistic events with a particular focus on underground music and related expressions. The KISMIF Conference is preceded, on July 3rd, by a Summer School entitled ‘WHAT DIFFERENCE DO DIY CULTURES MAKE?’. KISMIF Summer School will provide an additional opportunity for direct contact and active participation in work sessions energized by area experts.


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