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(AFTER) PARTY KISMIF Unlimited Sounds

(AFTER) PARTY KISMIF Unlimited Sounds by Claire Hodgson aka DJ Wreck’n’roll, Geoff Stahl aka TV DiSKO, Leonardo Felipe, Mark Percival, Thiago Soares and Victor Torpedo   Curated by Barracuda 00h00 – 05h00 – (AFTER) PARTY […]

Jun, 30

TV Smith

Curated by Teatro Rivoli 23h30 – 00h30 – GIG ‘TV Smith’ Concert Understage TM Rivoli 5 euros M/6 Duration: 50’     Synopsis: In 1976, TV Smith founded the Adverts, one of the leading bands […]

Jun, 30

Be Reasonable, Demands the Impossible

Be Reasonable, Demands the Impossible by John Robb (feat. Jordan Mooney), A Boy Name Sue and Ricardo Salazar   Curated by Ricardo Salazar  00h00 – 04h00 – PARTY ‘Be Reasonable, Demands the Impossible’ Clubbing: John […]

Jun, 30

I Wanna Be Your Food

Curado por Claire Hodson  DJ SET: ‘I Wanna Be Your Food’ by DJ Wreck’n’roll Clube Universitário do Porto, Porto   Description: On July 5th, 2018, all participants of KISMIF Conference 2018 can gather at the official […]

Jun, 30

Vítor Rua interprets Telectu

July, 4th – 23h00 – 00h00 – GIG ‘Vítor Rua interprets Telectu’ Concert Understage TM Rivoli 5 euros M/6 Duration: 50’ Curated by Teatro Rivoli     Synopsis: The duo Telectu was formed in 1981 […]

Jun, 30

The Raincoats Showcase

Curated by Casa da Música July, 4th – 20h00 – 20h30 – SHOWCASE, by The Raincoats     Description: ‘Within a minute, they seem to have trashed every female stereotype in rock and roll… I was […]

Jun, 30

Contrassexual Guitar

July, 5th – 14h40-15h00 – Live Act Contrassexual Guitar by Berlau Price: Free.   Description: In the universe of pop music the electric guitar has long been seen as an object connected to the promotion […]

Jun, 30

KISMIF, DAY 6 – Summer School

After closure of the activities from the official programme, KISMIF Conference dedicates the entirely day to the summer school entitled “Mappin ‘Your Own Underground”. This event, which takes place at the Faculty of Arts and […]

Jul, 23


On the fifth day the KISMIF Conference programme maintains the high level of interest, investing in mixed events. Morning lectures are the highlight with interventions by Antoine Hennion at 11h30 and Paula Guerra at 12h15, […]

Jul, 22


Today’s KISMIF 2016 programme is centered in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, where the main activities begin at 11h15 with a lecture by Simone Pereira de Sá, followed by Samantha Bennett and Peter Webb. […]

Jul, 20


On the third day KISMIF Conference 2016 goes into cruise speed, maintaining an extended scientific and cultural offer. For today there are several highlights on schedule. In the context of conferences, the Faculty of Arts […]

Jul, 20


This Monday is marked by the entrance to the KISMIF Conference main schedule. Right after the official opening, at Casa da Música, the first lecture with Andy Bennett and Catherine Strong, at 9h30, followed by […]

Jul, 20


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