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“Porto is only… Porto is only one right way to take refuge in the afternoon,
lining me of silence and seek to bring out a few words, with no other aim
than that of opposing these thick body walls of the uprising look.”
Eugénio de Andrade


There are essentially two main poles offering vibrant nightlife of Porto: the Downtown and Ribeira (the riverside area). At the Downtown area you find a great variety of nightlife spaces, (almost) for all tastes: pubs and “tapas” bars, discos and a wide range of small and medium size clubs. The bars generally close around 2a.m., but there are a few bars, discos and clubs that are open (at least) until 6 a.m. Most of these places offer dj set and live acts. To attend live concerts, try Armazém do Chá, Plano B, Maus Hábitos and, sometimes, Passos Manuel and Café Au Lait. It’s also in this area where you can find one of the oldest and emblematic city concert halls: the Coliseu do Porto. In this area are located also the main theaters of the city: Teatro Nacional São João, Teatro Carlos Alberto, Teatro Municipal Rivoli, Teatro Sá da Bandeira and Mala Voadora.

If you go down towards the Ribeira area, located next to Douro River, you will find Hardclub, one of the main spots to see live concerts in Porto, with two concert halls, and a regular and diverse offer of live performances. At Ribeira you will find several restaurants, pubs and small bars, some of them with karaoke nights. For live concerts, we recommend O Meu Mercedes é Maior Que o Teu.

Across the river, at Cais de Gaia, there is also a riverside area with plenty of bars and restaurants. During the day it is worth visiting this area to meet the old warehouses of Porto Wine, which hosts tours and wine tasting.


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KISMIF Conference 2016 - Aftermovie (17-22 July 2016)