KISMIF Conference

BOOK LAUNCH | “From Coimbra to London: to live the punk dream and meet my tribe” (18 July 2016)

Presentation: Paula Guerra and Pedro Quintela | Price: Free | Port Wine Welcome Drink Description Presentation of Paula Guerra and Pedro Quintela last article, entitled: “From Coimbra to London: To live the punk dream and meet […]

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DOCUMENTARY | “The Parkinsons: a long way to nowhere” (18 July 2016)

Price: 10€ | Free by ticket presentation to the gig of The Parkinsons.   Discussion: CAROLINE RICHARDS, Film Director, Music Lover, United Kingdom | CHRIS LOW, Musician, Photographer, DJ, Music Lover, United Kingdom | VICTOR TORPEDO, […]

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BOOK LAUNCH |”Transglobal Sounds. Music, youth and migration” (18 July 2016)

Port Wine Welcome Drink | Price: Free. Presentation: JOÃO SARDINHA, Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, Center for Geographical Studies, University of Lisbon, Portugal | RICARDO CAMPOS, CICS.Nova – Interdiciplinary Centre of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences […]

Jul, 07

EXHIBITION | “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything” (18 – 22 July 2016)

Artist: Vera Marmelo | Price: Free.   Description In a former interview, Vera Marmelo mentioned what inspired her most: ‘My friends. My friends’ music. People’s energy and how they may create beautiful art, interesting conversations, people who make lovely […]

Jul, 07

BOOK LAUNCH | ‘Urban Interventions’, edited by Paula Guerra, Pedro Costa and Pedro Soares Neves (17 July 2016)

Price: Free.   Description Urban milieus have always been determinant to the development of artistic practices and creative dynamics. Artistic and creative practices are (and always were) spatially uneven, as they are strongly territorially determined, […]

Jul, 07

KEYLECTURE | ‘Encounters with the past: collections, curation and the provocation of Punk London’, by Marion Leonard

Abstract This year a number of London organizations and institutions have worked in partnership to create a calendar of events to celebrate ‘40 years of punk heritage and influence in London’. Badged under the umbrella […]

Jul, 07

EXHIBITION | ‘O princípio do fim [The beginning of the end]’ (17 July – 7 August 2016)

Artist: Miguel Januário. | Price: Free.   Description ‘The Beginning of the end’ hits us with a staggering reflection: a composition seated in a time and place, guiding the visitor into a contemporary – free, […]

Jul, 07

GIG | Victor Torpedo Karaoke + Wipeout Beat (15 July 2016)

Price: 5 euros [tickets on sale at Salão Brazil]. Description Victor Torpedo (Tédio Boys, The Parkinsons, Blood Safari, Tijuana Bibles) is one of the most charismatic and talented Portuguese musicians. And you can replace the word musician […]

Jul, 07

KEYLECTURE | ‘Identities/Alterities. Performing Music, Performing Ourselves’, by Antoine Hennion

Abstract Musical works are not data inside a given space, that musicologists and sociologists could analyse, each in their own way: they produce their own time and space instead of taking place into them. Ever […]

Jun, 03

KEYLECTURE | ‘From Rock’n’Roll High School to LISTEN: Past and present feminist music activism in Melbourne’, by Catherine Strong

Abstract This paper will examine two waves of grassroots feminist activity in the Melbourne music scene. Rock’n’Roll High School and ‘Grot Grrrl’ adopted ideas from Riot Grrrl as a way to claim space for women […]

Jun, 03

KEYLECTURE | ‘Digital Culture, Videoclipes and “Peripheral” Music Scenes in Brazil’, by Simone Pereira de Sá

Abstract During the last years, the top positions of the most watched videoclipes at Youtube in Brazil have been occupied not by the worldly well-known genres such as bossa nova, MPB and samba; but by […]

Jun, 03

KEYLECTURE | ‘Looking Backwards: Route 666 in the Rear View Mirror’, by Gina Arnold

What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? It’s the too-huge world vaulting us and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward […]

Jun, 03

KISMIF Conference 2016 - Aftermovie (17-22 July 2016)