Anna Szemere

Anna Szemere is a DIY cultural sociologist concerned with popular music and culture, gender, and media with a focus on central and eastern Europe. Having worked at the Musicology Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, she moved to the United States to obtain her PhD at the University of California, San Diego. She has taught courses in North-American and Hungarian universities (UCSD, Emory University, Washington State, Royal Roads, Central European University etc.). Author of Up from the Underground: The culture of rock music in postsocialist Hungary, she has published extensively in edited volumes and journals like Popular Music (of which she was advisory editor), Popular Music and Society, Critical Studies in Communication, Slavic Review, Journal of Celebrity Studies, Journal of Cold War Studies, ArtMargins, Beiträge der Musikwissenschaft as well as in Hungarian language publications. She is a former member of the executive committee of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music and presently on the editorial board of Bloomsbury Popular Music. You can read Anna in open acess here: Up from the Underground: the culture of rock music in post socialist Hungary.





Research interests

Popular music and popular culture studies, critical theory, youth, gender, subcultures, countercultures and retroculture, celebrity studies, memory studies, Central and Eastern Europe, socialist and postsocialist societies.



Szemere, A. (forthcoming, 2020). But He Has Nothing On: Underground Videos Targeting Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s Celebrity Politician. Journal of Celebrity Studies.

Szemere, A. (2019). Let’s Turn Hegel from His Head onto His Feet: Hopes, Myths, and Memories of the 1960s in Tamás Cseh’s Musical Album “A Letter to My Sister”. Slavic Review, Access Volume 77, Issue 4, 881-889.

Szemere, A., & Nagy, K. M. (2017). Setting Up a Tent in the “New Europe”: The Sziget Fesztival of Budapest. In E. Barna & T. Tofalvy (Eds.), Made in Hungary. Studies in popular music (pp. 15-26). New York: Routledge.

Szemere, A. (2010). The Velvet Prison in Hindsight. Artistic Discourse in Hungary in the 1990s. In M. Todorova & Z.Gille (Eds.), Postsocialist Nostalgia (pp. 244-262). New York/Oxford: Berghahn.

Szemere, A. (2001). Up from the Underground: the culture of rock music in post socialist Hungary. Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania State University Press.



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