Hyunjoon Shin

Hyunjoon Shin is professor in the Faculty of Social Scientce and the Institute for East Asian Studies (IEAS) at Sunkonghoe University. Having received his PhD with a thesis on the transformation of the Korean music industry, he has carried out broader researches into popular culture, international migration and urban space in Korea and East Asia. He was a Visiting Scholar at National University of Singapore, Leiden University in the Netherlands, and Leuven University in Belgium. He is currently a member of International Advisory Editors of Popular Music and a member of the Editorial Collective of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies.

His papers appear in Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique, Popular Music, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, City, Culture and Society et al. His major interest field is millennium identity with relation to popular music, ‘music and politics,’ popular culture and cultural research. Recently his attention is concentrated at the changes in the music industry and music consumption caused by digital technology. As the main his books there are ‘Alternative Culture and Rock Music ½’ (1996/7), ‘Global, Local Korean Music Industry’ (2001), ‘Into the World Music’ (2003), ‘Archeology of Korean Pop Music of 1960’s/ 1970’s’ (2005) and others. You can read this article at Perfect Beat: The success of hopelessness: the evolution of Korean indie music.



Research interests

Popular culture/subculture, international migration and urban space, K-pop, Korean indie music, popular music in East Asia.



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