Jorge de Carvalho

Jorge de Carvalho is a documentary filmmaking teacher and a movie director. He is the founder and the director of KINO-DOC, a documentary film school, based in Lisbon, with in-person and online courses. He has collaborated, as curator of film programmes and coordinator of the podcast Doc.Online, with the University of Porto, which has a protocol with KINO-DOC in the field of professional training.

After graduating in literature, he took several courses in the area of cinema (directing course at Restart, documentary production at the London Film School, etc.). He consolidated his training in audiovisuals at OPTEC, becoming a regular collaborator there.

During 13 years, he taught cinema to youngsters in several schools in Lisbon, making films that explored different techniques, forms and contents.

In the field of action of KINO-DOC, created in 2012, he has written reflections on motion image, and worked with his trainees in the development of dozens of documentary films, several of them with worldwide projection (3 international awards in 2021).

He is currently finishing his feature film “Ospina Cali Colombia” and the short film he co-directed with Bárbara Henriques, “I’m here”, both documentaries and co-productions of KINO-DOC with Terratreme and OPTEC Filmes respectively.