Miaoju Jian

Miaoju Jian is Professor of Communication at National Chung Cheng University, Chia-yi, Taiwan. Her research interests and publications have covered topics from the culture and political economy of reality TV programs to indie-music scenes and DIY culture in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and East Asia. She writes academic articles both in Chinese and in English with a special focus but not limited to the cultural politics of indie music scene and DIY culture cross-strait between Taiwan and China. Miaoju is a member of the Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies group (IAPMS), she also co-edited with Eva Tsai and Tung-hung Ho for the Routledge Global Popular Music Series book, ‘Made in Taiwan: Studies in Popular Music’ (2020).


Research interests

Popular music, indie music scenes, subculture career, indie music and DIY culture in East Asia, live venue/ live house, popular music policy, music festivals, fanzines and zines, small and medium-sized cultural enterprises, cultural workers, music streaming platforms and audiences.



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