Michael Macdonald

Michael B. MacDonald is an award-winning filmmaker and Associate Professor of Music at the MacEwan University Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

His research areas include popular music scenes, screen production research, ethnographic film theory, ciné-ethnomusicology, and audiovisual ethnomusicology. Michael is the founding program chair of the MusCan Film Series held annually at the Canadian University Music Society conference, serves on the editorial board of the journal Intersections, and the program committee for KISMIF an international conference on DIY culture. Michael is an active member of the International Council of Traditional Music Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology. He has published seven films and three books. He is currently working on two ethnomusicological films set in Portugal, and a book-length project called “Cinéma Musicalité: a Deleuzian encounter with the music films of Les Blank”. Michael’s films are freely available at www.michaelbmacdonaldfilms.ca.


Research interests

Music scenes, DIY music scenes, cine-ethnomusicology, cine-ethnography, cinemusicking, music pedagogy in Higher Education, ways of knowing (epistemology) in settler culture and Traditional Ecological Knowledge systems.



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