Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore is an American musician best known as a member of Sonic Youth. He has also participated in many solo and group collaborations outside Sonic Youth, as well as running the Ecstatic Peace! Record label. Moore was ranked 34th in Rolling Stone’s 2004 edition of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. In May 2012, Spin published a staff-selected list of the top 100 rock guitarists, and ranked Moore and his Sonic Youth bandmate Lee Ranaldo together at number one. Along with his work as part of the acclaimed art/punk rock band Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore also pursued numerous solo and side projects, including Even Worse and the Dim Stars with Richard Hell. His first solo album, 1994’s Psychic Hearts, featuring ex-Half Japanese guitarist Tim Foljahn and Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, had an appropriately offhand feel but was far from sloppy. Along with carrying Sonic Youth into the 2000s, Moore collaborated with artists including DJ Spooky and Nels Cline, wrote music reviews and other pieces for Arthur magazine, and issued a book, Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture, in 2005.

His second song-based album, Trees Outside of the Academy, arrived in 2007, and featured largely acoustic arrangements and cameos by Shelley, Samara Lubelski, and Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis. In 2012, Moore started a new band Chelsea Light Moving, with their first track, Burroughs, released as a free download. Chelsea Light Moving’s eponymous debut was released on March 5, 2013. In 2019 Thurston Moore release the album Spirit Counsel, a collection of three extended compositions recorded between 2018-19. This collection represents a period of reflection on spiritual matters, collective musical friendships, and a time and space universally, without words or languages to distract from meditation.


Barefoot in the Head (1990)

Psychic Hearts (Geffen, 1995)

Just Leave Me (Pure Records, 1996)

Lost to the City (Intakt Records, 1997)

Root – Remix Project (Lo, 1998)

Trees Outside the Academy (Ecstatic Peace!, 2007)

Demolished Thoughts (Matador, 2011) (UK chart peak: No. 119)

The Best Day (Matador, 2014) (UK chart peak: No. 78)

Live (The Thing Records, 2014)

Cuts of Guilt, Cuts Deeper (Rare Noise Records, 2015)

Rock n Roll Consciousness (Caroline, 2017) (UK chart peak: No. 65)

Cuts Up Cuts Out (Rare Noise Records, 2018)

Spirit Counsel (Daydream Library, 2019)



Lion: Only Noise (And Poems) (2011)

James Hamilton: You Should Have Heard Just What I Seen (with James Hamilton, 2010)

Grunge (with Michael Lavine, 2009)

No Wave: Post-Punk. Underground. New York. 1976–1980. (with Byron Coley, 2008)

Punk House: Interiors in Anarchy (with Abby Banks, Timothy Findlen, 2007)

Alabama Wildman (2000)

Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture (2005)



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