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Antoine Hennion

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Antoine Hennion is a Professor at Mines ParisTech and the former Director of the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation (CSI, 1994-2002). He has a PhD in sociology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (1991). Having a background in science and technology (Ingénieur des Mines, 1974), and a training in musicology (Paris IV-Sorbonne), he turned to sociology of culture and innovation. Antoine Hennion’s research in the sociology of music and culture focuses on the cultural industries, advertising and design, mediators, services and users. At the CSI, he developed a problematization of mediation crossing cultural sociology and Science & Technology Studies (STS). He is now developing a pragmatist approach to diverse forms of attachment, from taste and amateurs’ practices to issues about care, aging and disability. With J.-M. Fauquet, musicologist at the CNRS, he has also undertaken historical research on the development of the taste for classical music, primarily in relation to the case of Bach in nineteenth century France. In these areas he is working towards a definition of a sociology that studies the mediations through which a relationship with objects is established, in order to analyse taste as an accomplishment.


Research interests
Cultural industries, advertising and design, mediation, services and users, taste, amateurs’ practices, aging and disability.


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