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KISMIF Conference 2015 | Book of Proceedings

This book aims to give an account of the debate made last July 2015 around underground music and its creative possibilities for resistance and DIY, considering also the intersection and debate between music scenes and other cultural, artistic and creative fields – film and video, graffiti and street art; theater and performing arts; literature and poetry; radio; graphic design, illustration, cartoon and comics; etc. Thus, exploiting the potential of theoretical and analytical development of the intersection of musical scenes with other arts, we have enriched its analysis through the theory of social development, but also through the interpretation of its role in the late modernity at a time of contemporary societal crisis. The publication of these texts aims to be a form of homage to the authors as well as a dedication to their efforts for participation and dissemination of these investigations areas. This book has its own thematic organization that takes you beyond mere meeting minutes: it is an actual book about the complex dynamics of underground music scenes in contemporaneity.

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Info details:
Title: Keep it Simple Make it Fast! An approach to underground music scenes (vol. 2)
Editors: Paula Guerra and Tânia Moreira
Year: January 2016
Publisher: Universidade do Porto. Faculdade de Letras [University of Porto. Faculty of Arts and Humanities], Porto, Portugal
Printed by Instituto Politécnico de Tomar [Polytechnic Institute of Tomar]
Cover image: Júlio Dolbeth
Design: Tânia Moreira
Credits Photos (Introduction and Theme Tune 1-8): Vera Marmelo and Rui Oliveira
ISBN 978-989-8648-63-1


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