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We are pleased to announce that the third edition of KISMIF Conference will count with the participation of Steve Ignorant as keynote speaker to talk about his great experience on music and resistance practices. For those who do not know him, Steve Ignorant is a singer and artist. He was a founder member of the DIY anarchist punk band Crass in 1977. As lead singer of Crass, Steve was at the forefront of the anarchist movement, taking part in direct action and arranging 24 hour squats.

After a particular incident with the Irish pressing (which was responsible for printing the records and believed the opening track Reality Asylum was “blasphemous”), Crass create their very own record label, Crass Records. The intention of starting the label was for the band to keep creative control over their music by producing and releasing their own albums, from then on. Besides their music, Crass preached a particular lifestyle and ideology to their audience as well. And, even today, fans still approach Steve and the other members of the group to thank them for the profound effect Crass had on them as individuals.

After Crass stopped performing in 1984, Steve Ignorant  has worked with other groups including Conflict, SchwartzeneggarStratford MercenariesCurrent 93, Thought Crime. Of late he has been crewing with a lifeboat and performing with Paranoid Visions and Slice of Life. Regarding to this last band – Slice of Life -, KISMIF Conference is also organizing a gig performed by this band, and all the fans of Steve Ignorant (not only those who will participate in KISMIF Conference) can attend this gig (more information available soon).

In recent years, Steve has developed an interest in the history of traditional London music hall performance. And in 2010, Southern Records published The Rest Is Propaganda, Ignorant’s autobiography co-written with Steve Pottinger.

Source: adapted from the text written by Jack Yarwood,


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