KISMIF Conference

KEYLECTURE | ‘Digital Culture, Videoclipes and “Peripheral” Music Scenes in Brazil’, by Simone Pereira de Sá

Abstract During the last years, the top positions of the most watched videoclipes at Youtube in Brazil have been occupied not by the worldly well-known genres such as bossa nova, MPB and samba; but by […]

KEYLECTURE | ‘Looking Backwards: Route 666 in the Rear View Mirror’, by Gina Arnold

What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? It’s the too-huge world vaulting us and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward […]

KEYLECTURE | ‘Fangrrrling Feminism: Letting go of some hang-ups’, by Lucy Robinson

Abstract In 2013 The Fales Library in New York published a selection of its holdings from The Riot Grrrl collection.  The archive maps, and also reproduces, the shape and scope of the scene. The collection […]

Jun, 03

KEYLECTURE | ‘Songs About Fucking: Southern Studios and the Construction of Punk’s Subversive Sonic Signature’, by Samantha Bennett

  Yes Sir, I Will. I mean, what record producer or studio owner in their right mind endorses something like that? – Steve Ignorant Abstract In Noise – The Political Economy of Music, Jacques Attali described […]

Jun, 03

KEYLECTURE | ‘DIY Music scenes: Space, place and memory’, by Andy Bennett

Abstract Since the beginning of the 21st century, new perspectives in the cultural study of popular music have begun to emerge inspired by what could be termed the ‘memory boom’ in popular music production, performance […]

Jun, 02

‘Love Save the Dinner’ (Jantar KISMIF)

No dia 21 de julho 2016, todos os participantes da KISMIF Conference 2016 poderão reunir-se no jantar oficial do congresso. O jantar será realizado no InterContinental Hotel – Palácio das Cardosas. O menu terá opções […]

Jun, 02

Almoços KISMIF

Quem já participou nas edições anteriores da KISMIF Conference, certamente não se terá esquecido dos Almoços KISMIF. Fornecidos pela Padaria Ribeiro, uma empresa portuense centenária, os Almoços KISMIF são pautados pela sua excelente qualidade (e […]

Jun, 02

Marion Leonard

Marion Leonard is Senior Lecturer in the School of Music and member of the Institute of Popular Music. She is author of Gender in the Music Industry (Ashgate, 2007) and co-editor of The Beat Goes […]

Mai, 17

Datas Importantes | Atualização (28 abril 2016)

É com muito prazer que anunciamos a terceira edição da KISMIF International Conference, dedicada ao tema “DIY Cultures, Spaces and Places”, que se irá realizar na cidade do Porto, Portugal, entre 18 e 21 de […]

Abr, 28

Registration and payment: step by step

To register and pay KISMIF Conference fees, you have: • First, to login in our website. If you still didn’t create an account in our system, please click here to see how you can create one. • […]

Abr, 19

Paula Guerra

Website Paula Guerra is convenor of KISMIF Conference. She is Professor of Sociology at Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP, Portugal), and senior researcher at the Institute of Sociology of […]

Mar, 29

Creating an account in KISMIF Conference website: step by step

A criação de uma conta no nosso website é o primeiro passo para submeter a sua proposta à KISMIF Conference e/ ou Summer School. Para criar uma conta, deve seguir os seguintes passos (nota: documento […]

Mar, 21

KISMIF Conference 2016_ Aftermovie