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BOOK LAUNCH |‘Grunge: Music and Memory’ ; ‘Route 666: on the road to Nirvana’ & ‘Death and the rock star’ (20 july 2016)

Preço: Gratuito.   LIVRO ‘Grunge: Music and Memory’, por Catherine Strong Descrição: Baseado na tese de doutoramento da autora, Catherine Strong, o livro explora elementos e perspectivas do modo como o grunge tem sido lembrado pelos participantes na […]

Jul, 14

DOCUMENTARY | “PUNK: Attitude” (19 July 2016)

Preço: Grátis Apresentação: Don Letts and Álvaro Costa Descrição Don Letts: ‘O punk não são só moicanos e pins. É uma maneira de ser e um estilo de vida’. Punk: Attidue é um filme de Don […]

Jul, 07

BOOK LAUNCH | “From Coimbra to London: to live the punk dream and meet my tribe” (18 July 2016)

Apresentação: Paula Guerra e Pedro Quintela | Preço: Grátis | Port Wine Welcome Drink Descrição Apresentação do trabalho de Paula Guerra e Pedro Quintela, intitulado “From Coimbra to London: To live the punk dream and meet […]

Jul, 07

KEYLECTURE | ‘Encounters with the past: collections, curation and the provocation of Punk London’, by Marion Leonard

Abstract This year a number of London organizations and institutions have worked in partnership to create a calendar of events to celebrate ‘40 years of punk heritage and influence in London’. Badged under the umbrella […]

Jul, 07

KEYLECTURE | ‘Songs About Fucking: Southern Studios and the Construction of Punk’s Subversive Sonic Signature’, by Samantha Bennett

  Yes Sir, I Will. I mean, what record producer or studio owner in their right mind endorses something like that? – Steve Ignorant Abstract In Noise – The Political Economy of Music, Jacques Attali described […]

Jun, 03


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