Gabinete Gráfico – Museu da Cidade do Porto

The Museu da Cidade is a municipal museum. In its current configuration, it is the most recent of the three programming vertices that, in the last seven years and within the scope of its cultural action, the Municipality of Porto has outlined and has been producing.

It is a museum on the scale of the city that extends between the western and eastern parts of the city and covers a very heterogeneous territory from a social and geographical point of view.

As a new Metro line, it is made up of 17 stations or extensions, which incorporate spaces of such a diverse nature as archaeological sites, water places – a reservoir, an underground gallery – houses, industrial spaces, spaces with gardens or that exist within parks or farms, public libraries and the Historical Archives. The expansion, the action of the Museum in the territory of the city, is fragmented into five axes, which are simultaneously ways of reading the urban, historical, material or invisible dynamics of the City. The axes, divided by typologies – sound, material, liquid, romanticism and nature -, open up possibilities for probing the city, encourage drifts, invite us to consider the museum as part of the city and the city as part of the museum, one open to the other. In short, the museum as a zone of light of a negative of the city.

In some of its stations, the Museu da Cidade incorporates spaces for the programming of temporary exhibitions that we call cabinets. In each of these spaces – Gabinete do Som [Sound Office] (located in the Oporto Municipal Public Library), Gabinete do Tempo [Time Office] (located in Casa do Infante, Oporto Municipal Historical Archive), Gabinete de Desenho [Drawing Office] (located in Casa Guerra Junqueiro), Gabinete Gráfico [Graphic Office] (located in Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett) and Triplex (located in Palacete dos Viscondes de Balsemão) – programming dedicated to specific disciplinary fields is developed.

Address: Rua de Dom Manuel II, 17, 4050-239 Porto, PORTUGAL



How to get to Gabinete Gráfico – Museu da Cidade do Porto?

By Metro: The nearest metro stations to Gabinete Gráfico – Museu da Cidade do Porto, are the metro stations named ‘São Bento’ or ‘Aliados’. To access both metro stations, you should use line D. For more information:

By Bus: Nearer to Gabinete Gráfico – Museu da Cidade do Porto, there is a bus stop called ‘Palácio’. This stop is served by the following lines: 200, 201, 207, 208, 507, 601 and 602. If you do not have a metro or bus ticket (‘Andante’ or ‘Passe’), you can buy one on board. For more information: |