Dear Colleagues,

As you know, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we took the decision in March to postpone this year’s KISMIF conference, planned for July, until July next year. We also sent you a notification at that time that our new dates would be 6 – 10 July 2021. Unfortunately, the organisers of the International IASPM conference in Korea subsequently announced that their event would occur in the same week. We have reached out to the IASPM organisers to see if it might be possible to reach a compromise regarding dates to allow those who wish to attend both KISMIF and IASPM to do so. Unfortunately we have not heard back from the IASPM organisers. We have also looked at changing the dates of KISMIF to avoid this clash with IASPM, but this has proved not to be viable given other events or renovations planned for the University and external venue spaces required by KISMIF.

To this end, our proposal is to proceed with KISMIF in 2021 on the dates we have already circulated – 6 – 10 July. We received a high response to our CFP for the originally planned 2020 event and, prior to the announcement of the IASPM conference dates, many people indicated that they would be happy to attend KISMIF in July 2021. At this stage, we would be grateful if people who have had their abstract accepted for KISMIF could let us know if they still intend to attend KISMIF in July 2021 as this will give us a sense of current numbers for the conference.


With best wishes.


Paula Guerra and Andy Bennett