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KISMIF Conference 2015 | Book of Proceedings

This book aims to give an account of the debate made last July 2015 around underground music and its creative possibilities for resistance and DIY, considering also the intersection and debate between music scenes and […]

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Antoine Hennion

Antoine Hennion is a Professor at Mines ParisTech and the former Director of the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation (CSI, 1994-2002). He has a PhD in sociology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en […]

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Gina Arnold

Website Gina Arnold is an American author, music critic, and academic. Adjunct Professor at Department of Rhetoric and Languages and Department of Media Studies of the University of San Francisco. She holds a PhD in […]

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Catherine Strong

Website Catherine Strong has a PhD in Sociology from the Australian National University. Her thesis looked at grunge music and collective memory, and has since been published as Grunge: Music and Memory with Ashgate (2011). […]

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Samantha Bennett

Website Samantha Bennett is a sound recordist and academic from London, UK. An AHRC Doctoral Scholar, she is currently Associate Professor at the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences. Her research focuses on recorded […]

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Peter Webb

Website Peter Webb is a writer, lecturer and musician who specialises in research into popular and contemporary music, subcultures, globalisation, new media, politics and social theory. He is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for […]

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Lucy Robinson

Website Lucy Robinson has been developing teaching and research in the History of the 1980s at the University of Sussex (Senior Lecturer in History – History, Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence; Centre for […]

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Andy Bennett

Website Andy Bennett is Professor of Cultural Sociology at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. Prior to his appointment at Griffith, he held posts at Brock University (Canada) and the Universities of Surrey, Kent, Glasgow, and […]

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A submissão de propostas para a KISMIF Conference 2016 “DIY Cultures, Spaces and Places” e para a Summer School “Mappin’ Your Own Underground!” encontra-se aberta. KISMIF Conference: Os resumos devem ser escritos em Inglês (mas a apresentação do trabalho […]

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Tomando em consideração as temáticas de fundo da KISMIF Conference 2016 – cenas musicais underground, culturas DIY e a sua relação com o espaço –, a Comissão Científica da KISMIF Conference 2016 propõe a submissão […]

Jan, 15

Datas Importantes

É com muito prazer que anunciamos a terceira edição da KISMIF International Conference, dedicada ao tema “DIY Cultures, Spaces and Places”, que se irá realizar na cidade do Porto, Portugal, entre 18 e 21 de […]

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KISMIF Conference 2016_ Aftermovie