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Rap is the soundtrack of many cities, especially from certain disadvantaged areas in Portuguese cities. Young people use music to reverse their marginalization, to criticize the society that marginalizes them, but also as a vehicle for community mobilization. Thus, we seek to analyze the representations about the city showed in four Portuguese rap songs, through the key themes dealt simultaneously with ethnic issues inherent to the racialized subcultural capital. This analysis is crucial to grasp the importance of contemporary artistic creations in a dialogical way, as a reflection of societal complexities, but also as forms of social representation and intervention. This condition is also a demonstration of the virtualities of rap as a pedagogical instrument.

Keywords: Pedagogy. Rap. City.

Quaestio – Revista de Estudos em Educação 2020 (22)





Title: City, pedagogy and rap

Author: Paula GUERRA

Year: 2020


GUERRA, Paula (2020) – City, pedagogy and rap. Quaestio – Revista de Estudos em Educação. v. 22, n. 2, 14 ago. 2020. Dossier – Art-facts: tensions and (m) possibilities between culture, research and education. pp. 431-453. E-ISSN: 2177-5796. DOI: URL:


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